Ending Daylight Savings

The Daylight Savings Time or DST began during the emergence of the Second World War. It was intended for the American people to save electricity or energy so that they can give more for their military efforts. Throughout the history, the daylight savings time has never been replaced by any other means of electricity savings methods. In the present, the daylight savings time is also present but most of the Americans are not seeing its benefits anymore that is why they all want to change or make a petition to end it.

First, we have to understand the benefits unto why saving electricity is very helpful. Saving electricity would allow the general population to conserve and preserve their country’s energy resources, it reduces their monthly electricity bills, save the environment from the destructive effects of power generation, personal learning and appreciation of what electricity saving is, and many more reasons. Yes, all of these reasons are good but with the modern type of world that we are living today, the disadvantages would already outweigh the advantages.

These days, we are very dependent on 24/7 services like fast foods, call centers, hospitals, convenience stores, and many more. All of these stores are requiring their employees to work a much longer time. Because of such, the demand for their time and health has been significantly increased and with the daylight savings time, they would be deprived from their resting or sleeping time. This kind of deprivation has made their health at risk to acquire different kinds of diseases and even accidents. Be sure to click for more details!

Some drivers who are driving at night are highly affected by the daylight savings time. Due to lack of sleep, they are more susceptible to road accidents. Most of these accidents are cause by accidental sleeping while driving. According to statistics, more than half of these accidents resulted to death to the driver and the one who they have hit on the road. So, this is one thing that makes daylight savings time more harmful than being good. Check out this website at https://www.encyclopedia.com/science-and-technology/astronomy-and-space-exploration/astronomy-general/standard-time for more info about daylight saving.

Moreover, employees who are working in different industries are already complaining about their work productivity and efficiency. Due to insufficient sleep, they cannot think very well during work and this has resulted into inefficiency and work unsatisfaction. They easily get tired and would not want to work anymore because they just prefer to rest or sleep more a much longer span of time.

The daylight savings time has really seen numerous disadvantages apart from the ones that we have discussed in this article that is why it would be better for it to be stopped.


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